Five tips to preventing tooth decay while wearing braces

If you’re wearing braces, then you know they’re working hard to straighten your teeth. However, braces can make it difficult to easily cleaning your teeth. It is essential that you put some extra effort into keeping your teeth clean and preventing tooth decay while wearing braces or there can be serious consequences.

Here are our 5 simple tips which you can do to ensure you have the smile you’ve always dreamed of once your braces are removed.

  1. Use a special orthodontic toothbrush & interdental brushes

The first weapon in the battle of preventing tooth decay while wearing braces is your toothbrush! Orthodontic tooth brushes are slim to fit in tight places between cheeks, gums and braces, they have soft flexible bristles that bend in behind brackets.

The next special brush you will need is an interdental brush so that you can effectively clean in between the braces and in around your wire. This type of brush has bristles that are shaped like a tree that can remove food from tiny spaces in and around your teeth and braces.

  • Brush & floss after every meal

Brushing your teeth when you have braces is not that different than brushing your teeth without braces. Using your orthodontic tooth brush or a soft bristled tooth brush, brush around all parts of your teeth including the front, sides, backs, chewing surfaces and your gum line too. When you have finished brushing look closely at your teeth and if you can clearly see the edges of your brackets, you’ve done a good job!

Having wires that connect your braces to your teeth, can make flossing a challenge but with a bit of practice you can easily master it. Just make sure you take your time and be careful to get under the gum line. If you find flossing difficult ask us for advice as to how to floss around your braces as we are always here to help.

  • Don’t forget to rinse your mouth

Even after properly brushing and flossing, there are probably still some food particles left in your braces, we recommend that you rinse using a fluoride mouth rinse or if you do not have a mouth wash available to rinse using water.

  • Avoid sweets

When you are trying to avoid tooth decay while wearing braces, it is important to focus on prevention. If you can cut out decay causing sugary foods from the start of treatment, you will spend less time trying to treat problems in the future.

  • Get regular check-ups

We recommend that you continue to visit your dentist for your 6 monthly check-up and clean, this is to ensure that your teeth are kept healthy during treatment.

Your braces can’t damage your teeth but poor oral hygiene can, that’s why we stress the importance of brushing & flossing when you have braces.