Know the basics of wearing braces

Braces are excellent for straightening teeth but wearing them and looking after them takes a little more dedication. They take a bit more effort to keep clean, and you do need to avoid certain foods, but your reward is a beautifully straight and healthy smile.

Brushing with braces

Tooth brushing is even more essential while you wear braces so make sure you brush after each meal, taking time to brush thoroughly around all the various components where plaque and food debris can hide. Failing to brush can lead to decalcifications or white spots developing on tooth surfaces and which are early signs of tooth decay.

Flossing with braces

Even if you didn’t floss before, you must floss when you wear braces. Don’t worry, as our dentist can show you how to floss in between your teeth and we can demonstrate how to use specific flossing products. One solution is to invest in a water flosser which is easier to use than conventional floss.

Watch your diet

Avoid very sticky and chewy foods that can get stuck around your braces and your teeth and which are tricky to remove. Also, very hard foods like carrots, apples and nuts can break brackets and wires.