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Bankstown Smile Design is a family-oriented orthodontic dental practice dedicated to providing the very highest quality care.

We offer a complete range of orthodontic solutions suitable for all ages, from young children to adults. Orthodontic care can do far more than straighten teeth and is often used to manage other issues, such as oral habits like thumb and finger sucking, speech and breathing issues, and problems affecting the bite and jaw function.

Our practice treats an increasing number of adults who may have always desired a straighter smile but didn’t receive orthodontic care during childhood or who have seen their teeth shift position over time. It is never too late to straighten up, and we have a range of orthodontic solutions that are more discreet and suitable for adults.


A Warm, Welcoming Atmosphere for Everyone.

The practice is designed with your comfort in mind. When you walk through our doors, you will be warmly welcomed and discover a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Our dental team are extremely friendly and approachable and love chatting with new and existing patients at our practice.

We see patients of all ages, but always go out of our way to treat younger children very gently and as if they are our own. Our team can explain what will happen during their visit, using terminology they can easily understand. We know some adults find dental visits stressful too, so if you have any questions about your visit or the treatments we offer, please talk to us. There are many ways we can help make your visit more enjoyable and rewarding.

Customised Treatment Options from an Experienced Orthodontist

Our orthodontist, Dr Johnathan Grove, is highly experienced in providing the very best orthodontic care and firmly believes every patient should receive a customised treatment plan. He uses the most up-to-date and advanced technologies and procedures available today. Dr Grove carefully tailors every treatment to provide the very best outcome, giving patients beautiful smiles and achieving a more harmonious, balanced bite and their best facial profile.


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